Japanese food culture bento




About Japanese Food Bento

I have been living in Osaka, Japan for almost 10 years. I have been impressed by various Japanese cultures, including one of the Japanese food culture ? Bento. Bento is also called “lunch box”.
It is usually packed in a special plastic box-shaped container. The contents often are rice, meat or fish, and Japanese pickles or vegetables.

Bento is not only tasty, but also it looks very pretty and colorful.Those carefully-chosen colored pickles and vegetables in Bento, together with meat or fish, make it look like a piece of art, which pleases both our eyes and stomach. There are mainly two central areas in Osaka: Umeda and Namba.
In both areas you can easily find Japanese Bento shops. Some restaurants provide the “take-out” Bento services, too. Among those Bento shops and restaurants, sometimes you can also find a Bento menu in English, Chinese and some other languages.
So, if you have a chance to visit Japan, don’t miss the chance of trying Japanese Bento.
I am sure you’ll be satisfied with its taste and appearance.